Scary Stories

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, and today I will be telling you some scary things that have happened in my life. And I just want to start by saying that I have a very deep fear of being alone, it has haunted me all my life, and that’s a pretty important factor in most of these stories. So buckle up, and don’t get nightmares.

The Porridge Monster

Once upon a time, I was like four or something, and I wanted porridge, but I was too young to make it myself, so my mum did it. While I was waiting for porridge I heard a high pitched, eerie voice calling my name, “Elizabeth! Elizabeth!”. So I went and asked my mum if porridge was ready, but it wasn’t, so I asked her why she called my name, but she said she didn’t. The voice was still calling while I waited for porridge to be ready, but it eventually stopped. I’ve wandered what it was ever since, let me know what you think it was.

My Second Mother

One Saturday morning I woke up in bed and heard a voice call my name once. The voice sounded like my mum’s, but when I went down to ask her if she called me, she said she didn’t. Was it just my imagination? Or was something else calling me? I still wonder what it was today.

The Monster In The Bathroom

So I was at school one day at lunchtime, and I needed to go to the toilet, so I went, alone. I was in the cubicle, and from the outside I could hear someone, or something banging on each of the doors, as if it was trying to get in. It eventually died off, and the memory seems to be faded, and distant. I can’t remember if it even happened anymore, but it’s a story, I hope you like it.

The Humming Man

Once upon a time, I was in our upstairs bathroom. My parents and my brother were downstairs, so I was alone. When I was in there I could hear some humming outside the door, it sounded like my dad, but he was downstairs. There was no one there, a few nights later the same thing happened again. I told my mum about it and she said it was someone in the street. But I don’t think that, the sound was coming from the door, not the window behind me, and why would the person humming stand in the same place and hum twice! What do you think? Please let me know.

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Hi! I’m glad you have made it this far in my blog for this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed my scary stories. All of these stories are 100% true, please tell me your scary stories, real or fictional. I would love to hear them, please show some support if you want to. I’m Elizabeth, Goodbye!

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  1. I have an idea about the monster in the upstairs bathroom. Maybe it was the wind whistling past the roof of your house making a noise that sounded like humming. That might be why you have heard it more than once and always from the same place.

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